Small Sparks

The Small Sparks grant helps fund start-up costs or equipment so that you can do things together with people where you live. This could be gardening tools to grow vegetables together, books or games to get a new club started, knitting needles, musical instruments or something else for a group you are already a part of.

Who's eligible?

You can apply for a grant – up to £250 – if you can show us that:

  • at least one of you wanting to to enjoy the activity has a disability or mental health problem
  • there are at least four people involved
  • everyone is prepared to contribute their time, energy and talents to whatever you are doing with your grant

Please download our Small Sparks checklist as a PDF or as a Word document for more useful information.

How to apply

If you would like to make an application or find out more, contact the grants team on 01452 611 292 or email

Community Spaces Fund

Spaces that enable people to connect are a vital component of our environment. Barnwood wants to encourage more attention to making spaces welcoming and accessible for all, to create places where community connection and a sense of belonging can grow.

If Barnwood believes that the community space can make an active contribution to building a welcoming community, we may consider funding, depending on the project, towards:

  • design
  • construction costs
  • refurbishment costs
  • furnishings and equipment
  • funding to develop the sense of welcome and make the space more accessible to and inclusive of disabled people and people with mental health problems.

Discussion of ideas at an early stage is helpful, to see if Barnwood can offer help, advice or funding, for example:

  • to help to develop a vision for the space
  • to think about how it can contribute to building a more welcoming community

We would expect those who apply for investment in a ‘community space’ (simply a place where people gather for activities and events) to explore how to develop their engagement with everyone in the community and build on the strengths in the community. The Trust offers workshops and resources to support this learning process. 

  • We would like to see some ‘added value’ from this investment

The investment should lead to new opportunities for people to come together and build inclusive social connections, as a result of the proposals for the space itself. 

  • The Trust has a limited funding to invest in community spaces

Barnwood is only able to invest in community spaces applications where the applicants demonstrate they are willing to ‘go the extra mile’ in relation to bringing people together and being welcoming and inclusive.

  • Invest in spaces that play a part in bringing people together and making everyone feel welcome and included.

Priority would go to investment in areas where active community building is evident; but not exclusively in those areas and there is active inclusion of people who are often marginalised;  especially those with disabilities and mental health problems.

  • We would want to support initiatives that come from residents where possible

Barnwood seeks to prioritise initiatives led by community and with strong community support.

  • We would like communities to build on existing connections that an existing space is facilitating already.

Ideally, a community space should:

  • act as the catalyst for bringing people together – both through the work on developing it and the way in which the space is designed and used
  • help to build a more welcoming community through the opportunities it provides for people to share activities and interests with each other
  • be welcoming and accessible, enhancing health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Please contact us if you would like further details about the Community Spaces fund. You can reach the community spaces team at &