Manor Gardens - Barnwood Trust

Manor Gardens

The Trust owns one housing development, situated on the Barnwood Road in Gloucester.

We have exciting plans to re-develop the Manor Gardens site. We want Manor Gardens to be a great place to live, both for disabled people and people with mental health problems and those with none.  We want Manor Gardens to be a neighbourhood where different people can enjoy living alongside each other as part of the wider community (rather than a specialist housing scheme.) 

All the residents already living in Manor Gardens will have the opportunity to stay if they would like to and we have explained to them that we are planning the redevelopment in a way that makes this possible.

We want to increase the number of dwellings on the site so more people can benefit, without destroying the character of the site and its green space. Our aim is to build beautiful buildings in attractive grounds; and to demonstrate that it is possible to design houses and flats that can easily be adapted to meet the specific needs of individual households.

We are also looking at how we can build the community alongside building new housing; and how we can support people to access good, local care and support if they need it.