About our free workshops

Over the last three years Barnwood has offered fun and inspirational workshops where people have come together to learn about ways of building more welcoming and inclusive communities.

All the workshops have been designed to enable you and the people you live among to get better connected. Our aspiration is that these learning experiences create safe spaces and opportunities for people to reflect and learn about what is required to build more inclusion and a greater sense belonging in Gloucestershire.

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We will be launching a new programme of workshops and other learning opportunities in the new year but to give you an idea, here’s a sample of some of things we have run to date…

  • Understanding how people are excluded – This workshop explores exclusion and inclusion – how it happens and how it impacts on people. The trainers have lived experience and will explore through stories and conversation what we can all do to include people, especially those living with an impairment or disability.
  • Conversations that include everyone – This workshop aims to support you to have more conversations, more involvement and more fun with people who have some difficulty with talking. You will learn practical ideas and techniques that will help you to communicate effectively and more confidently with people with a range of communication impairments. This workshop is also guided by trainers with lived experience.
  • Asset-Based Community Development and Community Building Practice – In this workshop we will introduce you to community building practice, which lies at the heart of Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD). You will discover tools and techniques that local people can use to discover the hidden skills and strengths in their own community. We will also explore how those local assets can be connected together to build safer, healthier and more inclusive communities. You’ll also hear stories of how people across Gloucestershire are developing their practice in ABCD, enabling friends and neighbours to get together to do the things they love, and make a difference to where they live.
  • Working with people and groups – This workshop will introduce you to Community Animation, an approach that is useful for anyone involved in clubs, groups or meetings in their community. Community Animation offers tools and ideas to ensure the quietest voices are included in conversations, friendships are formed, and connections are made between people. During this session you will have the opportunity to practice your skills in managing the energy of a group, understand relationships and include those who often get left out.
  • Community spaces: Creating spaces to have fun, play, learn and work is really important. In this workshop we share inspiring examples of what can be achieved when people come together. We also look at some key ideas that can help shape community spaces to ensure everyone feels welcomed.

The workshops are open to everyone living and working in Gloucestershire, and are offered free of charge.

For more information about some of the workshops we have facilitated in the past or to share with us your ideas about future workshops, please contact us at info@barnwoodtrust.org or call us on 01452 611292