Stewardship Circles

In 2015 we co-developed The Stewardship Circle alongside colleagues at Nurture Development, an organisation that supports inclusive, bottom up, community driven change.

The Stewardship Circle aims to bring a together people in a variety of leadership roles to reflect on how to go about creating a culture of inclusion where residents and organisations can work together to build communities that are welcoming and inclusive to everyone.

Barnwood brings together a group of peers working in community, health, faith, policing and housing to share their understanding, experience and challenges with each other. Each session is facilitated by an experienced practitioner, who has hosted discussions on topics such as building a culture of hope and how to lead transformational change. Those involved have a shared an interest in nurturing citizen led action in order to build more belonging in Gloucestershire.

Read some reflections from one of the members of the Stewardship Circle, Damon Blandford in his recent blog ‘Hungry, check the shared fridge?’. In his blog Damon reflects on organisational culture and what needs to happen to deepen relationship both within organisations and across communities.

So far we have run three Stewardship Circles and we intend to run another in 2018. If this is something you’re interested in, please get in touch here.