You’re Welcome Workshops April - July 2015 - Barnwood Trust

You’re Welcome Workshops April - July 2015

Barnwood Trust, alongside partners, is launching a third phase of free, fun and inspiring workshops for people across Gloucestershire.  The workshops are all designed to enable people and their communities to get better connected with everyone who lives there.  The workshops are open to anyone living and working in Gloucestershire and will run from April to July 2015.

From ‘Brilliant ideas for doing things together’ to ‘Working with people and groups’ and ‘Inspiring community spaces’, there is something for everyone. The workshops are part of the ten-year plan You’re Welcome, which is all about enabling communities across Gloucestershire to become more welcoming and inclusive of everyone who lives there.

Here are some snippets of feedback from the last set of workshops
‘Hearing other stories are inspirational to realising how much of an impact a relativity small action can have.’
‘I feel very inspired to get involved in my local community. I can really see the benefits’
‘I do not feel so isolated and feel encouraged to try again to engage with neighbours’

To find out the full list of workshops, dates and venues please visit or if you would like us to send you a copy of the You’re Welcome workshop programme call us on 01452 534018 or email .

Below is a brief outline of each of the workshops on offer:

Understanding how people are excluded
Explore how people in our communities experience exclusion and how exclusion can be prevented.

Building an inclusive community together
Together look at what we can do as local residents to ensure everyone feels more included in our communities.

Conversations that include everyone
Enabling you to have more conversations, more involvement and more fun with people who have some difficultly talking.

Brilliant ideas for doing things together – using Small Sparks Grants
Sharing inspirational ideas of things you could do with friends and neighbours in your community.

Building strong and inclusive communities, an introduction to Asset-Based Community Development
Introducing key ideas of how to build strong and inclusive communities using Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)

Asset-Based Community Development for community building practice
Gain a deeper understanding of community building practice, which lies at the heart of Asset-Based Community Development.

Working with people and groups
Ideal for people involved in clubs and groups in their community. You will learn about Community Animation tools and ideas.

Working with people and groups: deepening your skills
Gain a deeper understanding of Community Animation. Ideal for people who have already experienced some Community Animation.

Inspiring community spaces
Visit community spaces in Gloucestershire and hear inspiring stories that will show what can be achieved when people come together.

Building communities, not just houses
Look at how building thriving communities depends on both the way our streets are built and how a strong sense of community is developed

Leading by stepping back – how organisations can support community building
Exploring what people can do in their professional capacity, as well as residents, to grow community life using Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD).

Growing a strengths based culture
Examine how people have approached developing a strengths based culture in their workplace, helping you to do the same where you work.

Posted: March 2015

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