Christopher Hardy



What am I responsible for?

To maintain, upkeep and grow the grounds at the Manor Gardens site, whilst ensuring a safe environment for the residents and visitors.


What brings me here?

I have had quite a varied career, starting as an apprentice joiner and then becoming a shop steward for Premier Products, but it was working with my older brother in conservation building that turned my path toward building and construction and that has made up the majority of my career.
I have a love of the outdoors and gardening and enjoy working on the land and that is what lead me to work at Manor Gardens.


What do I enjoy spending time doing for my own wellbeing?

Apart from renovating properties (I am on my 6th) it is my love of the outdoors and gardening that is the biggest part of my life. I especially love to spend my free time walking (long distances), with the lake district being my favourite place to go, I spent 3 years as a child living in Cumbria on a Rare breads Survival Trust that operated as farm with my aunt and uncle, and I have always been drawn back there. (He/him)