Jen Smith

Executive Assistant

A picture of Jen Smith from Barnwood Trust Team


What am I responsible for?

I am responsible for providing executive support to the Senior Management Team.


What brings me here?

I worked in recruitment for years and when I arrived back on UK soil after living in Australia where I worked as an EA, I knew this was the role I wanted to pursue. More important to me though was to work for an organisation that I believed in, felt passionate about and that looked after its employees. I found that with Barnwood!


What am I working on?

Creating user guides for IRIS, supporting the Senior Management Team to deliver the new strategy and governance changes, producing a new and improved scheme of delegations and helping Barnwood to become strategically digital.


What do I enjoy spending time doing for my own wellbeing?

Exercise! I like to mix it up between running and strength training and am obsessed with Pilates which I do daily, no excuses. I can’t sleep if I haven’t moved my body in the day. (She/her)