Martin Hawkins

Manor Gardens Programme Manager


What am I responsible for?

I am responsible for the programme of work and activities at our Manor Gardens housing scheme (for which Elim Housing is our agent) including the grounds and other property the Trust owns, on site.


What brings me here?

I’ve worked mainly in the affordable housing and third sector since I retrained and obtained a housing degree about twenty years ago. I’ve worked for local authorities, a housing association, government agency and a rural charity including policy, homelessness and enabling roles. I joined Barnwood in 2016, working in a joint position, operating a community grant and within the housing team.


What am I working on?

I am working with Elim Housing (as our agent) to improve the current housing experience of our tenants living at Manor Gardens. I am also working to transfer the Manor Gardens scheme to a new social landlord, assuring that the rights and living experience of the existing tenants are protected and ideally improved, as part of that process.

What do I enjoy spending time doing for my own wellbeing?

I enjoy getting out into nature including sports like tennis and swimming and travelling. I’m a big fan of music and movies and love gigs, although these tend to be much more sedate experiences than when I was younger. (He/him)