Sue Price



What am I responsible for?

I work alongside disabled people and people who experience mental health challenges to connect them into our engagement activities at Barnwood.


What brings me here?

Starting working life as a teacher, I loved helping children to learn about themselves and each other, and to find ways to use their own unique gifts and strengths. Working in Botswana at the height of the HIV/AIDS pandemic taught me how resilient communities can be in the face challenges, if they work together in building resilience as communities, each shaped around the unique aspects of its own culture, using the gifts and skills, for everyone in the ‘tribe’ to do so. On return to the UK, I looked for opportunities to use these skills, working in a Church / community setting, linking up with Barnwood Trust through the ABCD way.


What am I working on?

I love having conversations with people and hearing their stories. The pandemic has given us the greatest challenges and forces us to look at what we do and why. It also presents us with an opportunity to ‘build back better’ making sure that the voices of disabled people and people with mental health challenges are heard, and that, working together, we can change conditions so that everyone has a place they can feel a part and connect with others.
What do I enjoy spending time doing for my own wellbeing?
I play in a music group in Stroud, with a group who ‘play to stay well’. I love being out in nature and spending time in my garden. (She/her)