The research team looking at the computer screen.

Capturing impact

The research team has been together since 2016, going out and listening to people in Gloucestershire who have been involved with Barnwood, as well as a few people who are not at present involved.

This might include one-to-one interviews, a visit to a group, or a session making a map of all the connections a community builder in our Growing Communities programme has made. We also bring people together to share their stories in ‘Stories of Significant Change’ events, where local people decide which stories of experiences of feeling welcome and included in their community are important to share.

We look at the impact of the work that Barnwood does, as well as asking questions about how change happens and how many people we are reaching. To do this the research team regularly spends time with people who work at Barnwood to ‘download’ their experiences so that we can capture information about the impact and the process of what they do. As well as talking to people, we also look at the information we have about the grants and produce reports about where in the county the grants are going, who they are going to and what the grants are for. This helps us work out how to better target information about the availability of the grants so that we can reach more people.

The research programme covers all the areas of work that Barnwood does, from the community spaces work to evaluating our learning programme and including community building, welcoming and working with trainers who share their experiences through workshops and blogs. The Sharing Insights team as a whole work together to make sure that the findings from all the research and evaluation work is broadcast to as many people as possible, across the county and beyond!

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For more information about our sharing insights programme of work, please contact us via email at or call us 01452 614429