Team members raising awareness among Gloucestershire community

Raising awareness

By going out and about in Gloucestershire, we raise awareness of the different strands of work that Barnwood does.

We attend community events in Gloucestershire with our campervan (which has come to be known as ‘Barney’) and talk to local people about grants, community building, welcoming, community spaces, workshops and research.

By doing this, we hope to reach as many people as possible who may benefit from the support Barnwood can provide. As well as going out into the county, we have a presence on social media through the Barnwood and You’re Welcome websites, and we also regularly tweet and post about our work.

We encourage people to share their experiences on the website, with a member of our team regularly filming people across Gloucestershire about their involvement in the communities where they live and also with our activities at Barnwood. Increasingly, we will be raising awareness through our evaluation and research programme.

Issues that are found to be important to disabled people and people with mental health problems will be highlighted and shared, which will result in us being able to support commentary and blogs that are informed and produced with people who are directly affected.

We hope to comment on a wide range of issues such as disability benefits, transport or loneliness, for example. By bringing the messages together from the work that happens across Barnwood and working in partnership with disabled people and people with mental health problems, we aim to provide a platform for the voices of people in Gloucestershire involved in bringing about positive change.

For more information about our sharing insights programme of work, please contact us via email at or call us 01452 614429