A Barnwood Trust grantee smiling at the camera.

Getting support

If you are interested in developing your hobby or ambition and would like to apply for an Opportunities Award the guidance and application form can be found here.

If you have had a grant from Barnwood and would like a chat with a Welcomer, you could phone or write to us  or contact Hannah Allen, Abi Freshwater, Rob White, Charlotte Keen or Dede Liss by phoning 01452 614429 or write to us here. If you are a support worker and think you would like to know more about grants or creating opportunities for the people you work with you could also phone 01452 614429 or write to us here or contact Hettie Peplow or Helen Bown below.

If you are in an organisation that is thinking about how to increase opportunities for the people you work with and would like to work with Barnwood, please get in touch with Hettie Peplow at hettie.peplow@barnwoodtrust.org or Helen Bown at helen.bown@barnwoodtrust.org to talk about what possibilities there might be.

Click here to view our Opportunities Awards in 2016 Infographic