Community Spaces

Barnwood Trust’s vision is to create the best possible environment in Gloucestershire for disabled people and people with mental health challenges to make the most of their lives. We aim is to help build belonging in the county.

We believe that community spaces which help connect everyone to build relationships, through doing things together, form a vital part of our aspirations.

To the right of the page and throughout you’ll find examples of inspiring and interesting community spaces.

Barnwood Trust & Social Life have developed a new web-based toolkit called the Social Sustainability Toolkit to showcase examples of organisations and communities which have successfully created places that are more socially sustainable. The new digital resource is for place-makers in the county who have an interest in Housing, Health, Well-being and Social Sustainability.

Watch a collection of Community Spaces videos here:

In our terms, community spaces are simply places, where people gather together to share time for all sorts of reasons such as:

  • to socialise;
  • for events, recreation and entertainment;
  • to attend groups and meetings and
  • taking part in activities like sport, arts and crafts and gardening.

Therefore, a community space could be:

  • a building, outside space or both;
  • various sizes, designs, or financial value;
  • permanent or temporary;
  • used for specific or range of purposes.


“We started out wanting to grow onions, beetroot and other vegetables but we ended up growing a family.“
Dave, Prior's Park Edible Garden