Community group members having a fun time outside.

Inclusive community building

Community Building is about local people working together to build  more inclusive and welcoming communities.

We encourage people to share their skills and talents and talk to each other about the things they would like to take action on where they live.

For many years, our Community Building team has supported local residents to grow their skills and confidence to enable them to connect more people together in their community.  We encourage people to have a different sort of conversation that isn’t just about the problems in the community but one which draws on hopes and possibilities.

We have picked up a few practical tools and tips along the way. To find out more about Barnwood’s community building approach see the Community Building Guide here and read our introductory blog which explains a bit about the context in which the guide was written and the current circumstances of COVID-19.

If you have experiences and stories you would like to share about your community, we would love to hear from you.

To get in touch with the team of Community Building Guides at Barnwood Trust or to reach the Communications Team, please email or call our main line on 01242 539935