Smiling community group members having a workshop about communications

Communication for Community Groups

As part of the Communications Team, I am lucky to be involved in all aspects of the Trust’s work from promoting our grants programmes to producing creative content for our training teams. Recently, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to deliver a free workshop Communication for Community Groups, which invited members from local community groups to attend and help each other with their own projects.

The purpose was to get ideas from one another and tackle any challenges together, such as improving social media, tips on writing blogs and creating our own videos. A variety of groups attended and each person brought with them a wealth of knowledge in their area and a communications project to be workshopped.

After a short session of why we want to communicate with our communities, we discussed the different ways we might communicate through writing, listening, photos and video storytelling and the benefits of each medium, depending on the message. Everyone contributed to the session, throwing in their ideas and helping each other with theirs – it was a real team effort.

The types of problems we spoke about included:

  • How do we raise funds for a community project in just 6 months?
  • How do we reach people in the county non-digitally?
  • How do we come up with our key messages for our project?

The answers to these problems were detailed and varied, from ideas around crowd-funding to coming up with specific campaigning themes. After a practical video-making session we swapped contact details so that we got real long-term value from the day, and were able to touch base with other attendees in the future.

We produced several handouts for the attendees which can be found below as PDF’s, which are free for you to download right now.


How to Write a Blog Post

How to Write a Press Release

How to Film Using a Mobile Phone

How to Conduct an Interview

Social Media Quick Tips

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