Engagement Coordinator- Application Pack

To apply for this position you will also need:

  1. Personal Application Form (see separate Word doc)
  2. Role Specific Competency Questions (see separate Word doc)
  3. Equal Opportunities Form (see separate Word doc)

Barnwood Trust: Background

Making sure everyone feels at home in Gloucestershire is at the heart of what we do at Barnwood Trust. We work alongside disabled people and people with mental health challenges to make the county a more inclusive and enjoyable place to live.

This involves us in a wide range of activities. We give small grants to encourage community initiatives or help people with day-to-day living. We share knowledge and ideas to help people in Gloucestershire find new ways around familiar problems. We also open doors to new directions and experiences by encouraging people to learn a new skill or re-discover an old passion, or to join or start groups in the community.

All our work is about building belonging. Something wonderful happens when people gain a sense of being part of a community. Togetherness is empowering. Togetherness means people can take control of their lives and then support others in similar situations, through sharing their experiences. Everything we do works towards creating closer communities in Gloucestershire by sparking that sense of belonging.

Importantly, we don’t work in isolation. We have long-established relationships with organisations across the county. Through sharing ideas and experience we support them to think about disability, community, housing and opportunities differently.

We view our relationship with disabled people and people with mental health challenges as a partnership. We don’t run services. Rather, we offer the know-how for people to develop their own community groups and initiatives. Similarly, while we add funds, ideas and energy, the community provides the focus. Together, we support change in communities, encouraging people’s diverse strengths and bringing the county closer together.

Barnwood Trust was set up over 200 years ago to support people with mental health challenges living in Gloucestershire. Today, we help thousands of people every year and we are a financially independent organisation that doesn’t rely on fundraising. What really sets us apart today is our focus on building belonging across the county – recognising the contribution everyone makes to Gloucestershire.


Barnwood Trust is a long-established charitable trust in Gloucestershire.  Its vision is that Gloucestershire is a better place for disabled people and people with mental health challenges to make the most of their lives, through acting as a catalyst for lasting change.

By enabling possibilities within communities, sharing ideas and providing grants, we enable people to shape where they live and discover new opportunities.

Our work is focused on four strategic goals:

  • Disabled people and people with mental health challenges follow their passions and take up opportunities and no one feels excluded
  • Disabled people and people with mental health challenges live in well-designed homes in welcoming sustainable communities
  • Disabled people and people with mental health challenges are fully involved in creating welcoming communities, spaces and places
  • Disabled people and people with mental health challenges influence people, places and organisations to make positive changes on disability issues and inclusion

Barnwood’s Engagement Coordinator will work to coordinate Barnwood’s engagement scheme for disabled people and people with mental health challenges.  This scheme is central to the development of Barnwood’s strategy and approach.  A wide range of Barnwood Teams will need to engage with disabled people and people with mental health challenges in order to inform their work, and the Engagement Coordinator will work across the organisation to coordinate different projects and opportunities for engagement and will oversee communications and channels used in order to engage disabled people and people with mental health challenges.


  1. To coordinate Barnwood’s engagement scheme for disabled people and people with mental health challenges efficiently and effectively in order to maximise participation from the widest possible range and largest possible number of disabled people and people with mental health challenges.
  2. To create communications, events and tools that make the engagement scheme fully accessible and relevant to as many disabled people and people with mental health challenges as possible.
  3. To provide the administration and coordination of Barnwood’s learning events programme.


The Engagement Coordinator reports to the Head of Engagement and is part of the Partnerships Directorate.

The Engagement Coordinator will work closely with Connectors, the rest of the Engagement Team, the Insight Team, and across the organisation, as well as with a wide range of disabled people and people with mental health challenges in order to coordinate an effective and accessible programme.


Coordination of engagement scheme

  • Develop and maintain a project-based overview of Barnwood’s engagement scheme for disabled people and people with mental health challenges, identifying key engagement opportunities and channels.
  • Plan for and resource specific communications, events and engagement opportunities in partnership with other teams and stakeholders in the Trust.
  • To actively contribute to the Engagement strategy and its delivery for Barnwood Trust

Communications and Events

  • Create communications products which engage a wide range of disabled people and people with mental health challenges, commissioning specialist support and resource where necessary in order to ensure that communications are accessible to all.
  • Create, design and support the running of events to engage with disabled people and people with mental health challenges meaningfully.
  • Where it is possible to use Overton House as a venue in the future for learning and engagement opportunities, to be responsible for all aspects of communication and logistics with regards to this.

Learning Programme

  • Administrate and coordinate Barnwood’s learning events programme for a wide range of stakeholders and audiences, including senior organisational teams, community groups and individuals.
  • Work with the Marketing Manager to produce marketing materials for learning events.
  • Support colleagues across the organisation with the planning and administration of online and offline learning events. 

Cross organisation working

  • Support teams across Barnwood to engage meaningfully with members of the engagement scheme, and create communications, projects, and events in order to resource this.
  • Develop digital engagement tools and resources that can be used across the organisation in order to engage with disabled people and people with mental health challenges.

Contribution to the Trust’s overall programmes of work

  • Work with disabled people and people with mental health challenges to develop thinking and projects within specific areas of work and more broadly for the wider Trust.
  • Contribute to activities organised to support the development of Barnwood Trust and its Teams.
  • Contribute to events and activities organised to promote the work of the Trust.
  • Participate in and, where relevant, contribute to the Trust’s internal and external Learning Programme, and to activities designed to evaluate the work of the Trust.


  • Uphold, safeguard and promote the Trust’s values, principles and policies through personal conduct, approach to all tasks undertaken and conduct of relationships with everyone engaged with, inside and outside the Trust
  • Participate in routine tasks required to maintain a high-quality environment for everyone using Barnwood Trust’s premises.
  • Take responsibility for working in accordance with the Trust’s policies, with special regard to the safeguarding policies, taking reasonable care for your own health and safety, and that of other people, and to comply with all health and safety legislation.
  • Ensure the Chief Executive is kept informed of all important matters related to the work of the Trust across the county.
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times and ensure compliance with the Trust’s Information Governance Policy and suite of policies.


Commitment to people with disabilities and people with mental health challenges

  • Passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of people with disabilities and people with mental health challenges.

Education and training

  • Specialist training relevant to disability and mental health challenges, including safeguarding, specialist communications or cultural awareness is welcomed for this role.

Knowledge and Experience

  • Proven success in engaging those with complex needs and/or those who are routinely marginalised.
  • Excellent communication skills, including written, verbal and digital communication.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of project planning tools and techniques.
  • Proven success in managing events, in-person and online.
  • Knowledge of disability and mental health, and a proven ability to work confidently with a wide range of individuals and groups.
  • Exceptional relationship-building ability, involving diverse groups and a range of professionals.


  • Exceptional interpersonal skills.
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills that engage a wide range of audiences and which champion accessible communication.
  • Digital skills which are applicable across a wide range of channels and work for a wide range of audiences.
  • Project management skills.
  • Events design, planning and management skills.
  • Ability to prioritise own workload, set objectives and meet deadlines.
  • Ability to initiate and sustain strong and positive relationships with a diverse range of individuals, groups and organisations.
  • Strong listening skills.
  • Strong self-awareness, enabling the establishment and maintenance of excellent working relationships with a wide range of people using tact, diplomacy and sensitivity
  • Strong IT skills (demonstrable proficiency in using MS Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Creativity, flexibility and adaptability

Work ethic and approach

  • A positive attitude and an ability to generate goodwill and build relationships with collaborators and colleagues
  • Ability to manage parallel tasks, prioritise work, cope with the unpredictable and manage time effectively to meet internal and external deadlines
  • Displays the utmost integrity and an ability to hold and respect confidential and sensitive information
  • Dependable and resilient
  • Commitment to working as part of a team
  • Self-motivated, resourceful and proactive in taking initiative
  • Concern for, and commitment to, delivering high quality work



  • Permanent full time role, 37.5 hours a week. Usual working hours to be worked Monday to Friday, there may be some evening and weekend working, as required.
  • Salary – £28,162
  • This position would normally be based in Overton House, Cheltenham but until Government guidance changes, will work from home.


We would like to do something a little different here!

We would like you to answer a few role specific competency based questions which will be used by the hiring manager to shortlist applicants for interview – see separate Word document.

In addition to this, please complete the basic application form and equal opportunities form (see separate docs) – these will not be shared with the hiring manager until after shortlisting and will be held by the recruitment team.

Answers to the competency based questions and the two forms should be sent together to: recruitment@barnwoodtrust.org. Should you have any questions or require a hard copy please email the recruitment team directly as well.

The deadline to send in applications is 5pm Friday 30th April 2021. Applications must be sent via email to: recruitment@barnwoodtrust.org. First interviews will take place w/c 10th May and second stage interviews w/c 24th May 2021.

Barnwood Trust welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. As a committed equal opportunities employer the Trust guarantees an interview to any disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for this role.


If you would like any of this information in a more accessible format, please let us know and we’ll arrange this with you.