Guiding Principles for Organisational & Group Funding


We support opportunity

Barnwood Trust funding is directed to opportunities with clear positive benefits, that contribute to creating better places for disabled people and people with mental health challenges to have an opportunity to participate, contribute and lead.


We build on community strengths

Barnwood Trust funding builds on community strengths to bring about positive change and create better conditions for disabled people and people with mental health challenges.


We enable flexibility

Barnwood Trust funding supports the sustainability of organisations, including assisting with core costs and supporting staff wellbeing. We aim to support what organisations want, not what they think we will fund.


We work in partnership

We work in partnership with organisations and groups to maximise positive impact of investments in communities. We aim to build stronger relationships with community organisations and groups, to contribute to delivery of our strategic aims and will be clear about our relationship from the start.


We encourage engagement

Barnwood Trust funding is promoted in communities, and we seek to encourage engagement from previously under-represented groups.


We ask relevant questions

Our application and decision-making processes are simple, transparent, fair, inclusive and accessible, including to marginalised and under-represented groups. We only collect information that we must have to make funding decisions and we take responsibility for compiling information on applicants from publicly held records (e.g. Charity Commission).


We are accountable

We exercise due diligence and are proportionate. We accept our share of risk, being realistic about how much assurance applicants can reasonably give.  We are transparent about our decisions and give feedback. We aim to analyse and publish success rates and reasons for refusal; we share our data. We hope to be able to do this from mid-2022.


We are open to learning

Feedback is encouraged from applicants and partners to maximise learning and support improvement of our funding processes.