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The Stewardship Circle is a leadership development programme which creates a safe space for local leaders to think about the role they could play in enabling citizen led action. During the course of working together leaders from across the social sector to come together to deepen their understanding of how to create the conditions that enable people to make social change possible from within communities.

Stewardship Circle members are invited to commit to meeting six times over a year. Each of these gatherings is themed around a particular topic, so members are invited to read key articles, watch relevant videos or listen to podcasts in advance of the session so that they can shape the discussion on the day. Whilst these topics offer a structure to the conversations, the sessions are flexible, enabling members to take responsibly for sharing the issues that are important to them. The group will create a space to explore what stewardship means and what are the behaviours and practices that help to develop a culture that enables community action to thrive.

Members of the Stewardship Circle do not need to have any formal leadership experience, but they will have the ability to inspire whole scale community led action. They may be a leader in civil society or hold a senior role in a social sector organisation. Others might have formal leadership experience as a commissioner or manager in a local council or as a political leader in the community.

The Stewardship Circle will run again in 2019. If this is something you would like more information on, please submit an expression of interest and we can contact you with more information.

The Stewardship Circle Sample Programme:

Session 1 – The Power of Citizen Led Change. History and Heritage of Community Building.

This initial workshop will involve building new connections and gaining an understanding of the experience of group members. We’ll also introduce the concept of stewardship and its relevance to citizen led movements including Asset Based Community Development. We’ll explore some core principles and what they might mean to ourselves and our organisations. We’ll also take the opportunity to reflect on our personal interest in community, and how we can bring our strengths and gifts to grow the movement.

Session 2 – Discovering Core Gifts.

Stewardship requires us to create opportunities to identify and utilise people’s gifts and strengths. The workshop will explore the difference between gifts and strengths and introduce some tools to help us to identify our own gifts, together with an understanding of how peoples’ gifts may be used throughout their different experiences in life.

Session 3 – Community Rituals and Hope.

Many community traditions are based on building hope and connectedness. This workshop will involve learning how older cultures discovered peoples’ gifts, and used them to bring people together to establish community rituals and build hope.

Session 4 – Seeds for transformation.

As we discovered in our workshop on core gifts, sometimes the seeds for personal gifts come from periods of passage in our lives. The same principle applies to organisational development. In this workshop we’ll explore how those challenging experiences in an organisation can potentially offer the seeds for transformation, which can be used to enhance and evolve organisational culture.

Session 5 – Inclusion and Social Justice.

This workshop will be a safe space to explore what role agencies play in a fast changing world. Whilst communities have the capacity and skills to take action on the things they care about, people will still require access to quality services. This workshop invites us to deepen our understanding of the role agencies and individuals within them play in addressing social justice, and how together we can nurture innovation to ensure those we serve have to opportunity to lead a life of their choosing.

Session 6 – Building a Social Movement.

We live in a time where interdependency has never been more important. There is broad recognition that leaders can no longer be superheroes, and we need each other to succeed in achieving social change. This workshop will encourage us to think about what actions we can take together to build a social movement in Gloucestershire that values the role communities play in growing inclusion, and ensures that the most vulnerable in our society are valued for their contribution.

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