Barnwood Trust team member writing at the table.

Barnwood Trust’s new look!

Over the month of September, the Barnwood Trust team will be out and about in their T2 VW campervan ‘Barney’ taking in a tour of the county to celebrate the launch of a new website and a new look for Barnwood.

Building belonging

Making sure everyone feels at home in Gloucestershire is at the heart of what Barnwood Trust does. The Trust shares knowledge and ideas to help people find new solutions; opens doors to experiences by encouraging people to learn a new skill or re-discover a hobby; and gives small grants to help people with day-to-day living or to encourage community groups to come together.

Barnwood Trust has come on a long way since it was established over 200 years ago. Today, the Trust helps thousands of people every year through four areas of work: Discovering Opportunities, Shaping Homes, Growing Communities and Sharing Insights. Barnwood Trust is financially independent so doesn’t rely on fundraising. But what really sets Barnwood apart is a focus on building belonging across the county – recognising the contribution everyone makes to Gloucestershire.

Speaking for the Trust, Chief Executive Sally Byng said: “We work together with the people of Gloucestershire to bring the county closer together, exploding myths about disability and mental health. By sparking new community connections, sharing ideas and providing grants, we enable people to shape where they live and discover new opportunities.”

New look, new website

Barnwood Trust unveils a fresh new look from September, with vibrant new colours to reflect the optimism, energy and vitality of the Trust and circular designs to emphasise the ripple effect of the Trust’s connections and influence across the county.

With this new look, a new website for Barnwood is also being launched.  The website is packed with information and good news stories about people across the county who have been inspired to get involved so far. The team at Barnwood Trust wants to encourage even more people to join in, doing together what they enjoy and care about and building belonging in Gloucestershire.

Spot Barney tour

To celebrate the new Barnwood style, the Trust’s own T2 VW campervan ‘Barney’ will spend the month of September touring Gloucestershire – taking in the sights and stopping off at various locations along the way.  The team driving the ‘Spot Barney Tour’ are excited to get on the road and to meet as many people as possible across the county.

Join in

For the launch, Barnwood Trust are also inviting people to create personalised bunting flag designs which they will collect throughout September to transform into fabric bunting to use at future community events. The flag design can be a picture, a poem, a collage or anything at all.

Speaking for the communications team at Barnwood Trust, Jessica Waterman said: “We can’t wait to see what creations people come up with. Designs could include a memory, an exciting new idea or a hope for the future and they can be as colourful and creative as people like. It’s going to be incredible seeing all the flags sewn together into one long string of bunting – uniting us across the county.”

The deadline for the bunting designs is at the end of November, thank you for all your submissions! Keep an eye out for the final bunting which is currently being processed & created!