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Home Symposium 2021: Thursday 9th September


On Thursday 9th September 2021, over 70 people from across the Voluntary and Community Sector, local government, health, funding and commissioning came together to listen to the findings of the Resourcing Resilient Gloucestershire report, to hear direct the experience of resourcing community organisations, and to explore issues raised together.

At the event, two breakout sessions provided an opportunity for attendees to share their experiences of funding and commissioning in Gloucestershire around the following topics:

  • What challenges do funders face when they want to award funding or commission?
  • What challenges do community groups face when trying to get funding?
  • Let’s dream together – how could we approach funding and commissioning differently?


From these discussions, the following themes were evident across all the breakout groups:



““I thought it was a great event and I thought the report was actually brilliant. Someone said to me today they thought it’s the best report of that type they have read.” “
““I think it was a very good and useful event, particularly hearing from most of the people from the funding side that they agreed with the things being said. I think the challenge now is to really hit the decision makers – how do we keep pushing it upwards until we reach all the people with the actual power?”“
““…I think the system has to change, you know … this is the best time for it to change because everyone has this understanding that the world was slightly wrong … and so if we’re looking to do things better then now is the time we do it.”“

To watch the recordings of the event please click here. 

To find out more about the Resourcing Resilient Gloucestershire research report and to read the full report and executive summary please click here.