A banner of Losing control movement of Barnwood Trust

Losing Control, 5-6th February 2019

Only a week to go! On February 5-6th 2019 the Losing Control event is taking place in Birmingham. The event aims to ‘bring together change makers from all kinds of backgrounds, sectors and positions to discuss and create bottom-up and collaborative approaches to social change.’

Volunteers and members of the Barnwood Trust team are running a session at the event as part of the Losing Control Network and in the lead up to the day, Chief Executive at Barnwood Trust, Sally Byng speaks in a podcast about what Losing Control means to her and what we can expect at the event. You can listen to the podcast here!

To learn more about the Losing Control network & event, visit their website at www.losingcontrol.org

““We need to think about how we can collectively build a culture in which we can grow old and we want our children to grow up in, which is welcoming and inclusive of everybody.”“
Sally Byng