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Social prescriptions for people in Cam and Dursley

Barnwood Trust, in collaboration with Dursley GP Simon Opher and local artist Joe Magee, is launching a new initiative to promote all of the fantastic groups and activities happening in Cam and Dursley called JoyN.

JoyN is a simple way for people in Cam and Dursley to find out about things happening in their area that they might also find out about through ‘social prescribing’. Pill-style packets full of cards of local activities and groups are now on display at May Lane Surgery and can be collected free of charge. From bird watching to walking or art, there is something for everyone.

Social prescribing is a way of linking people to groups and activities where they live that they might benefit from. Instead of prescribing medication doctors are prescribing connections to things such as art groups, gardening clubs and book groups. Research has shown that this approach is beneficial to people’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Sally Byng, Chief Executive at Barnwood Trust said:
‘We think that social prescribing is a great way not only for people to help themselves when they might not be feeling at their best, but also to meet new people and do something they enjoy. We hope that this approach to promoting social prescribing will work really well in Cam and Dursley and that we will be able to do something similar in other areas across the county.’

Dr Simon Opher MBE said:
‘I have been a GP in Dursley for over 20 years now and still love being a family doctor. We are lucky in Cam and Dursley to be brimming with great organisations that people can get involved with.’  Talking about the benefits of social prescribing Simon says, ‘Exercising, be that walking or going to the gym or playing football is essential. Dancing, doing yoga or gardening has enormous potential to make us all healthier. Music, both listening and playing, can be a transformative experience.

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To find out more about artist Joe Magee visit www.periphery.co.uk.