Organisational and groups funding

Organisational and Groups Funding is Barnwood Trust’s new funding programme for supporting work in communities that helps to make Gloucestershire the best possible place for disabled people and people with mental health challenges.

Who can apply?

Charities, Community Interest Companies, social enterprises and other groups who work in our local communities and are not-for-profit can all apply for support. You don’t need to be a ‘constituted’ organisation to apply but if your group doesn’t have a bank account, you may need to work with another organisation which can accept the grant on your behalf.


What can we fund?

We’ve designed this programme to meet a wide range of needs. We can help with your group’s day-to-day running costs but we can also help if you want to do something new, like make major changes to a building or buy new equipment. Your SDM (see below) will be happy to discuss your idea with you and will advise you if it looks like it might not be eligible.


How much can I ask for?

You should ask us for the sum you need from us to deliver the work, taking into consideration any grants you may already have been awarded by other funders. There is no minimum or maximum grant but if you ask us for more than £20,000 then we will need a significant level of information from you (for example, we may ask you for a Business Plan) and we may take longer to make our decision.


Before you apply

Before making your application, we recommend you discuss your idea with the Barnwood Trust Strategic Development Manager (SDM) covering your area. We have five SDMs who lead our work in different parts of the County:

Cheltenham, Bishop’s Cleeve and Tewkesbury: Josh Jones

Cirencester and Cotswolds: Katrina Brown

Forest of Dean: Penny Hulbert

Gloucester: Liam Daniels

Stroud: Ismail Kholwadia

Making your application

Once you’ve created a user name and password, you’ll have access to the online application form. Complete the form as fully as you can – you can call or e-mail the Funding Team if you have any queries 


How we assess your application

All applications are considered first by Gloucestershire Funders, a partnership of funding organisations that works together to support local initiatives in Gloucestershire’s communities. Sometimes one or more of our partners will agree to fund an application in full but if not, and we think it looks eligible for Organisational and Groups Funding, it will then be considered by Barnwood Trust’s Funding Review Group (FRG).

At FRG we assess and score your application using the following criteria:

  • The application will have a positive impact on the lives of, or conditions impacting on, disabled people and people with mental health challenges in the local area.
  • Disabled people and people with mental health challenges were involved in the planning of the application.
  • The application will help to build the skills, confidence and/or autonomy of disabled people and people with mental health challenges in the local community.

We’ll also ask your SDM for their views on the application, especially how it contributes to their vision for the local area; and how it contributes to Barnwood Trust’s wider strategic aims.

Using the information from your application and the views of the SDM, we’ll award a score for each of the criteria. We then use the total score to decide whether to award your grant. If your application has a high score, we’ll usually award the grant in full; if your score is lower we might award a grant, but possibly for less than the sum you requested; and if your score is low then we may have to decline your application.

Sometimes we find we need more information to make our decision. If this happens then someone from Barnwood Trust – usually the SDM – will call you to discuss your application and explain what additional information we need. If you can provide that information we’ll then reconsider your application at the next meeting of FRG.


Awarding the funding 

We will tell you the outcome of your application as soon as we can. If you’re successful, we’ll send you a short form, setting out the Terms and Conditions for our grants, for you to sign and return. Once we’ve received your signed copy, we can go ahead and pay your grant.



Is this information clear?

If you would like any of this information in a more accessible format please let us know and we'll arrange this with you.

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Something to say?

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