Barnwood Trust’s Community Spaces Capital Grant

This page provides a summary a of Barnwood Trust’s Community Spaces Capital Grant.

Please note that this grant is currently closed to new applications.

If your organisation or group is interested in the community Spaces Grant, please contact the Social Sustainability team before completing an application – please see further details about this at the end of this page.

To the right of this page, you’ll find a comprehensive information about the Grant including detailed guidance on what we are looking for in projects we fund, what we’ve funded so far and our application forms.

There are abundant community spaces in Gloucestershire that make fantastic contributions in their local communities. Barnwood’s Community Spaces Capital Grant is aimed just at those groups and organisations that would like to develop ‘inclusive’ community spaces: places where everyone is welcome to meet and do things together.

‘Everyone is welcome’ means that particular attention should be given to helping people who are usually marginalised to feel that they belong in the community; for example, Barnwood Trust’s beneficiaries – disabled people and people with mental health challenges.

Eligibility to apply

To be considered for a Community Spaces Capital Grant, a project must demonstrate all of the following criteria:

    1. The space must be within Gloucestershire with a clear plan for creating a welcoming and accessible space and for building a more inclusive community.
    2. Applications should be from constituted’ groups or organisations that have community or charitable purposes. If you represent a group that is not constituted, please contact Barnwood as we can offer information about organisations to contact to help.

Applicants must show they are going the extra mile to help build belonging. Going the extra mile means:

  1. The physical space plays a part in bringing people together and making everyone feel welcome and included.
  2. Plans for the space will lead to new or enhanced opportunities for people to come together and build inclusive social connections.
  3. The project is community led and/or has strong community support and builds upon the strengths in the community.
  4. For community organisations, there must be plans or current actions which engage with disabled people and people with mental health challenges;
  5. For organisations with a disability or mental health focus, the space must bring about new or enhanced opportunities for community connections.

What could a Barnwood Community Spaces Grant pay for?

The Grant can be used to pay for various aspects of a community spaces project, such as:

  • technical advice or consultancy services;
  • design work;
  • construction costs;
  • refurbishment costs;
  • furnishings and equipment.

We are afraid the Grant cannot be used for revenue costs.

Application forms

Click here to download the application form for the Community Space Capital Grant

Make contact with us

If you are interested in making an enquiry about the community spaces grant, please contact us before completing an application

We ask you to so this because it helps us to assess if your project is eligible (and therefore saves organisations and groups completing an application form if they’d be unlikely to receive a grant). Our assessment will be based on your initial contact then normally a meeting at the community space concerned.

Please telephone or email the team us using the contact details below:

Ged Cassell, email at or telephone 01242 539935

Martin Hawkins, email at or telephone 01242 539935

Tanya Kirby, email at or telephone 01242 539935