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Community spaces & the Community Spaces Capital Grant

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Well designed and managed community spaces can enhance well-being and quality of life. They make a difference to whether we have opportunities to meet and connect with other people and take part in activities or pursue interests.

 Community spaces are simply places where people gather together for all sorts of reasons, such as:

  • to socialise and meet others;
  • for events, recreation and entertainment;
  • to attend groups or meetings;
  • to undertake activities such as sports, arts or gardening.

A community space could be:

  • a building, an outside space or both, of varied design, size or age;
  • permanent or temporary;
  • used for a wide range of purposes.

Why are community spaces important?

Research shows us that one of the keys to feeling and keeping well is having strong relationships and being involved in activities. Community spaces are an important resource that enables this to happen.

Ideally, a community space should:

  • act as the catalyst for bringing people together, both through developing and using it;
  • help build a more welcoming community for people to come together to share time and interests;
  • enhance personal and community health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Inspiring Community Spaces 

Barnwood has compiled a short booklet that brings together several community spaces we’ve been inspired on our doorstep and beyond. They range from cafes to playgrounds and we hope you are inspired reading about them as we were when visiting.

Click here to view the booklet

The Community Spaces Capital Grant

As part of its funding programme, Barnwood has established a Community Spaces Capital Grant. It aims to help support communities and eligible organisations to develop and improve inclusive community spaces through building belonging.

Barnwood’s vision is to create the best possible environment in Gloucestershire for disabled people and people with mental health problems to make the most of their lives. Community spaces enabling people to connect and build relationships with others where everyone is welcome, are a vital part of that environment.

‘Everyone is welcome’ means that particular attention is given to helping people who are usually marginalised to feel that they belong in the community; for example, those with disabilities and mental health problems.

Applying for a Community Spaces Capital Grant

To be eligible to apply for our Grant, a community space project must:

  1. Be linked to a clear plan both for making the space welcoming, accessible and for building a more inclusive community.
  1. Be from ‘constituted’ groups or organisations that have community or charitable purposes. New groups working with a constituted group may also be eligible.
  1. Be willing to go ‘the extra mile’ in terms of building belonging through bringing everyone together.

Barnwood will consider funding various aspects of a community spaces project such as:

  • technical advice or consultancy services;
  • design work;
  • construction costs;
  • refurbishment costs;
  • furnishings and equipment.

However, the Grant cannot be used for revenue costs.

How to Apply

Click here to download the application form for amounts £5000 and below

Click here to download the application form for amounts above £5000

Application Guidance

Click here to view a helpful list of typical projects we fund with the Community Spaces Capital Grant.

Click here to download the The Community Spaces Capital Grant Guidance document.

Click here to download the Evaluating Voluntary Contributions Guidance document.

Click here to download the Going The Extra Mile Guidance document

If you would like more information please contact our Housing and Community Spaces Facilitators:

Martin Hawkins, email at martin.hawkins@barnwoodtrust.org or telephone 01242 539935

Tanya Kirby, email at tanya.kirby@barnwoodtrust.org or telephone 01242 539935

Ged Cassell, email at ged.cassell@barnwoodtrust.org or telephone 01242 539935

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