A beautiful view from Manor Gardens.

Developing Manor Gardens

Barnwood has owned a housing development in Gloucester called Manor Gardens for many years.

We are working with residents to plan its redevelopment and integrate it into the surrounding neighbourhood. We want to create a great place for people to live, whether or not they have a disability or mental health problem. This involves developing a joined-up approach that combines high-quality housing with building connected community and strong care and support networks.

Eight leading firms of architects competed for the chance to design the new scheme. We set them the challenge of building flexible, accessible accommodation that reflects the principles of a welcoming and inclusive community. After a rigorous selection process, PRP Architects were selected for their rare blend of accessible design expertise and award-winning credentials.

Belonging is at the heart of the new development – for both existing and future residents. We are phasing the redevelopment to make sure everyone who currently lives in Manor Gardens will be able to remain living on site throughout. Anxieties about change are natural, so we are working hard to address residents’ concerns. We are doing all we can to stimulate conversations and share ideas with residents about future possibilities, enabling them to take part in shaping the design.

We work closely with our managing agent Elim Housing, and together we are developing ways to give residents more choice and control over housing and care provision. There is already a strong sense of community amongst the people who live at Manor Gardens. Residents love the gardens and recognise the benefit of a peaceful, supportive environment. We want that to be available to more people, with higher-quality homes and an even stronger sense of belonging.

If you would like to know about:

• the development plans, please contact Martin Hawkins martin.hawkins@barnwoodtrust.org

• the possibility of living at Manor Gardens, please contact Elim Housing manorgardenshousing@elimhousing.co.uk

• joining in with social activities if you live nearby, please contact Elim Housing manorgardenshousing@elimhousing.co.uk

Elim Housing’s contact number is 01452 615104