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A Passion For Writing

Our grants programmes cater to a huge variety of people, opportunities and hobbies. We spoke with Sarah who received a grant from Barnwood Trust to attend a residential writing course to pursue a career in creative writing.

How did you hear about Barnwood Trust?

I heard about Barnwood Trust many years ago, whilst working as a mental health nurse for the 2gether NHS trust. Many of our patients used the Manor day centre and I learnt about your charity and grants through them.

Can you tell us a little bit about what grant you received?

I received an opportunities grant for £500 towards the cost of a residential writing course.

How did you become interested in creative writing?

I enjoyed creative writing as a child, but hadn’t written anything since I was a teenager. I lost my career as a mental health nurse four years ago due to ill health and then took part in an Artlift creative writing course. This fuelled my passion for writing and I have carried on ever since.

I think creative writing is an excellent hobby. It allows you to express your ideas and feelings and is totally absorbing. It is something you can do anywhere. All you need is access to your imagination.

What are your aspirations as a creative writer?

I have written a novel which I am hoping will be professionally edited. I dream of having my novel published and to continue to write novels. I also love writing poetry and illustrating my words. So I would like to be successful in this area too.

What advice would you give to others who are looking to take up a hobby and wondering about asking Barnwood Trust for a grant?

If you are passionate about a hobby and would like to become even more involved, it is definitely worth approaching Barnwood Trust for a grant. The whole process was painless and everyone I spoke to was encouraging and helpful. Without their help I would never have been able to afford to go on a writing course and that course is what gave me the confidence and inspiration to complete my novel.

Thank you Sarah for taking the time to tell us about your hobby!

Opportunities Awards

The Opportunities Award opens up exciting new possibilities – such as training, equipment or clothing that may help you towards a job, volunteering or setting up a new business.  It can also be used to help with materials for a hobby or equipment for a sport you enjoy. Visit the grant page here to learn more or email grants@barnwoodtrust.org if you have any questions.