flowers in a pot in the community garden

Community Gardening in Gloucester

We spoke with Janette, a resident in Westgate, Gloucester about a project which has brought the whole community together with a common interest: gardening! She was kind enough to offer us some insight into the project, how it got started and their hopes and plans for the future.

Janette: “We have been meeting since September 2017 as local residents living in Westgate. We came together when myself and a community builder decided to knock on our neighbours doors and invite residents to a coffee and cake afternoon at a local church.”

“We were introduced to a keen gardener living in a nearby sheltered scheme who has offered to help us design and plant flowers in our front facing gardens and also to plant bulbs and seeds in the street planters nearby.

“Soon, residents will be able to support each other with gardening. Our intention is to help residents in planting and maintaining their own gardens, not to do the work for them.

“The newly-formed gardening group will work on the first of the front facing gardens on the street and chat to passing neighbours and residents, while tea, coffee and biscuits will be offered to people to encourage conversations. We will also encourage neighbours to plant their own gardens too.”

“Our group hopes that by working on our neighbour’s gardens it will enable us to know each other better, grow more interest in the area and help us all to feel safer. We are also happy to share our experiences to inspire others.”

About Small Sparks grants

The Small Sparks fund has been created to help small groups of people throughout Gloucestershire to get together to do something they enjoy and make a difference to where they live.

You might need gardening equipment to grow vegetables together, books or wool to get a club going, or wool and knitting needles for a group you are already a part of.

You can apply for a grant of up to £250 if you can show us that:

  • At least one of you wanting to enjoy the activity has a disability or is an older person who would like to make more friends
  • There are at least four people involved in total
  • Everyone is prepared to contribute their time, energy and talents.

For more information about Small Sparks, visit our grants page or contact