Roz standing next to beautiful horse and smiling at the camera.

Equine Therapy in the Countryside

We met Roz last year after she worked with Abi, a Barnwood Trust Welcomer, to set up an arts & crafts group. She went on to apply for an Opportunities Award from Barnwood Trust to attend Avening Equine Centre in Gloucestershire. We visited her on one of her sessions and she was kind enough to tell us her story.

Have you always liked horses?

I think it was some books I read that got me into the horses. It was called “The silver stallion.” Just before I had my girls, I had one horse-riding lesson, and then I found out I was expecting my girls so I had to stop. That was 25 years ago.

Roz walking a horse at Avening Equine Centre

When did you start coming to the equine centre?

Since before Christmas. I heard of it from Abi, a Barnwood Trust Welcomer, after I told her that I loved horses. The first time I came here was great. I felt a bit anxious, but over time it got better. Being able to touch them, brush them and ride them has made my day. They’re just lovely creatures.

I’ve known Abi for two years. We had a grant for a freezer and the lady who got me the freezer got me in contact with Abi and Abi came to my house to discuss things. I was a bit nervous about Abi coming, but it’s been good getting to know her. She’s lovely.

Since I met Abi I’ve helped set up an arts and crafts group and started coming to the centre. It took a while to set up the group but it’s been going for a while, it’s going fine.

Roz smiling at the camera at the Avening Equine Centre.

When you first came did you start riding straight away?

No, I got to know my horse, Troy, first. Then after a few days I could ride him. I was a bit frightened to get on him, but it is even worse trying to get off him!

He’s helped my anxiety. I’m relaxed with him. If others tried it, it might help their anxiety too. I have depression as well and it’s helped with my depression as well. It’s helped everything.

Opportunities Awards

The Opportunities Award opens up exciting new possibilities – such as training, equipment or clothing that may help you towards a job, volunteering or setting up a new business.  It can also be used to help with materials for a hobby or equipment for a sport you enjoy. Visit the grant page here to learn more or email if you have any questions.

A beautiful horse looking outside from the barn.
Roz having a nice a session at the Avening Equine Centre