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Peace Ambassadors in the Forest

The ‘Peace Ambassadors’ of the Camphill Village Community have been collaborating with two highly-experienced local charities: the ASHA Centre, which works with young people to promote sustainable development, international peace and reconciliation, and the Spirit of Peace, which delivers training in peace and community building skills.

The ‘Peace Ambassadors’ course held a training day in January at the Grange Village, which was delivered by the Martin Luther King Institute from Long Island, USA. It was a big day for the Peace Ambassadors and the aim was to engage everyone in the task of being community activists.

Community links have been fostered between the Camphill Village Community and the communities in Gloucester, with various individuals empowered to become representatives on a number of community groups in relation to health, arts, disability rights & community relations.

The training went really well and helped people in the community to improve on confidence and communication. One resident gained the confidence to solve a conflict – he stood up, gave a big hug to the person he was addressing, saying “I love you very much… however, it is hard to live with you because you do not get up in the morning and you do not help with the house tasks!”

This was a big step after a successful day!

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Grants for organisations

We have a number of different grants available for organisations within Gloucestershire who work to benefit disabled people and people with mental health problems. Visit our grants pages here or email to get in touch.