Race runners in the field

Race running for fitness and fun

We caught up with Faye who has received a grant for a race runner. In this story, we chat about the grant, what a race runner is and how it can help improve your health and wellbeing.

Watch the video here:

Alice: “Right, easy question first (they’ll all be easy, don’t worry.) What’s your name?”

Faye: “My name is Faye. Almost a year ago now, the Barnwood Trust funded this race-runner for me. I’ve been coming to this race-running club for about a year before I applied for a grant.

I’ve done Parallel London twice. The first time I did it was before I started race-running and I did it with my walking frame and it took me over an hour to walk one kilometre with my walking frame.

And I did it again the next year with my race runner and it took me about 12 minutes to do one kilometre!”

Alice: “That’s quite a difference!”

Faye: “Yes, definitely!”

Smiling race-runner giving an interview about how Barnwood Trust funded this race-runner for her.

“I think it’s improved my respiratory… I do respiratory tests every so often and I think it has improved since I’ve been race running which is great. And also I’ve got a few friends that have got disabilities as well and they’ve started to join in as well so yeah, it’s good.

I think anyone that sort of uses a wheelchair that maybe wants to start to try and walk a little bit… It’s almost completely non-weight bearing and it is quite stable as well. I think anyone can have a go!”

Alice: “Fantastic, that’s it!”

About our grants programmes

Barnwood Trust enables belonging through building relationships and sharing experience and ideas. But sometimes money is needed too.

We have a range of grants that provide more support to activities across all our programmes. Some grants are for individuals. Some for organisations. Some for groups of people living near each other. What all our grants have in common is that they help to build belonging in Gloucestershire.

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