Art group members smiling in a workshop.

Start up an arts and crafts group, who knows where it might lead!

Four mums who all had a shared passion for making, creating, baking and growing set up an informal craft group that became a creative catapult for other ventures in the community.

I’m a community builder in Coopers Edge and after meeting four mums who all loved making things of all types, I suggested they met to think about how they could do more of the stuff they love – together!

We met at one of the mum’s homes and planned how to get an informal group going. They set up a Facebook page and did their launch event, inviting people to put down whether they had any skills they would like to share or what things they would like to learn.

I supported them to apply for a Small Sparks grant (£250 funding) which initially helped pay for materials – glue guns, a printer and other little hobby craft treasures! As well as promotional things like leaflets and posters.

They meet when they can and various people from around the community have helped teach things – like seed bomb making, crochet, jewellery making, red work and much more.

It has been a really informal fun way of getting together, getting to know their neighbours – but also supporting each other when times are tough.

Some of the team have recently been supporting the start-up of a new venture – a local Handmade Craft Market in Coopers Edge which has had two successful markets so far. The Handmade Market has really begun to bring the creative people from out of the woodwork in Coopers Edge even more…

A craft group working together.
Beautiful craft works of the craf group.

About Small Sparks grants

The Small Sparks fund has been created to help small groups of people throughout Gloucestershire to get together to do something they enjoy and make a difference to where they live.

You might need gardening equipment to grow vegetables together, books or wool to get a club going, or wool and knitting needles for a group you are already a part of.

You can apply for a grant of up to £250 if you can show us that:

  • At least one of you wanting to enjoy the activity has a disability or is an older person who would like to make more friends
  • There are at least four people involved in total
  • Everyone is prepared to contribute their time, energy and talents.

For more information about Small Sparks, visit our grants page or contact