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What do we do?

PCSO Chris Jenkinson posted the following on the You’re Welcome website and we asked him if we could repost it here:

Many times we are asked what does a PCSO do? Well, I could reel off an extended list of tasks & core duties we carry out in our role but is this what we really do? Keeping people safe is the priority in all we do.

As a PCSO it is key to become part of our community – that is what we do. Gaining the respect of the community, and learning our role within it, is vital to the impact PCSOs make in their communities. The role can offer support to members of the community that want to make a difference.

We support our communities.

We help them to make a difference. This is evident in Coney Hill where, after numerous conversations were started around “What the community want to see in Coney Hill”, gaps in provisions were identified and the community were challenged to fill those gaps.

Parents and young people decided that, as in most communities, young people need somewhere to go, to have something to do, to have something to call their own. They formed a committee and looked into the possibility of running a youth club made up of volunteers.

We promote strong communities.

The ambition and commitment of the parents was something to be highlighted and admired. Supporting them with experts in the field to have the confidence and strength in themselves to say “we can do this.” PCSOs can play a huge part in strengthening and supporting the community. The youth club started up with 11 attendees in the first session and now 6 sessions later 70 children are benefitting from the service the community have provided. We continue to attend and build positive relationships with all involved.

Our communities are full of people wanting to make a difference, wanting to improve our community and in turn improve themselves. A strong community is one that can look for support from within and know that together they can make things happen. In Matson & Robinswood we have seen this from numerous projects and schemes throughout the community. The Community Rangers were formed after the community themselves highlighted concerns around school parking and anti-social behaviour within the park areas.

The Hidden Voices GL4 Festival helped the community of Matson to tell their stories and promote what makes Matson great. Giving our community a voice is key to empowering them to have their say. It was an opportunity for our community to say how it has developed and the positive changes that have taken place over time. Hearing the stories and adding your own, again highlights the need to be part of a community – not just there to provide a service to it. We listen and see how we can help and promote strength from within.

Showing that someone is listening is what we do.

Christmas in Matson is another time when you see the community come together to put on a fantastic show and event with Together In Matson. But this would not be possible without the community wanting to make a difference and wanting to give up their time.

As a PCSO in this community we can offer support, be part of the decision making and even be part of the event.

Showing that it is your community too.

The White City Community Action Group invited me to a launch of their plans for a new community centre, a new community hub. Again, plans made by the community for a facility the community want. The hard work put into making these plans a reality – showing ambition and strength to make a difference and make a mark on your community.

All these examples and many, many more are being celebrated at the Community Awards later in the year.

Celebrating community success is something we do.

I am proud of my community proud of the people in it and proud of what they achieve.

Being proud is what we do.

Empowering the community to be able to make those differences enabling them to see the strength of our community and connecting people together, binding them together through showing they care.

Connecting and identifying strengths is what we do.

So as a PCSO this is what we do in our communities, what do you do?

–  PCSO Chris Jenkinson, working for Matson & Robinswood Police Team