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We have launched our free Open Workshop programme for Spring/Summer 2019!

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Welcome to our new look website for Barnwood Trust.
We have chosen bold new colours to reflect our energy and vitality. We've also used circles in our designs to show the ripple effect of the Trust’s connections and influence across the county. We hope you like it.

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Building belonging

We work together with the people of Gloucestershire to bring the county closer together, exploding myths about disability and mental health. By sparking new community connections, sharing ideas and providing grants, we enable people to shape where they live and discover new opportunities.

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To celebrate the positive experiences of people from across the county

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“We like woodwork because we believe that wood continues to live“

We’re just blokes who’ve not known each other before and just come together…

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“We’re very open access, so really anybody who comes can have a go at DJing...“

I just saw a poster and I just thought let’s give it a go!

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“The project and aim was to provide an opportunity for disabled people to engage with and take part in a sporting a...“
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“The Gloucestershire DPAC 'Know Your Rights Day' was a huge success. It was fantastic to see nearly 90 people come ...“
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“You know, I like to be active, doing things!“

It makes a massive difference to my life. It makes me feel I’m involved, much happier.

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“It's not just a piece of clothing - it actually unites people as a team...“

As long as everyone enjoys it, we keep going.

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“I am proud of my community & proud of the people in it...“

I am proud of my community proud of the people in it…

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Aaron taking another snooker shot
“Just be positive, because if you’re positive everything seems to go right.“

Just be positive, because if you’re positive everything seems to go right.

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“What started as a conversation about a washing machine...“

Eric is a single parent and full-time carer to his teenage son who has autism.

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“ Together, the resident and Charles decided to hold a party in the church for congregation and residents alike.“

For the residents of Melbourne Roads East and West in Tredworth, Gloucester, the two streets could be miles apart.

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“Find something you enjoy and make the most of it!“
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“I’ve gone back to college – I should have done it years ago!“

George from Gloucester received an Opportunities Award grant from Barnwood Trust to pursue business qualifications for his own Waste Management Center. He was kind enough to me take a few photos and ask him some questions about how it all started.

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