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Grants for individuals

Barnwood Trust no longer accepts applications directly from individuals.


Instead our Individual Grants Team will work with a network of 14 Community Partner organisations, who can make applications on behalf of disabled people and people with mental health conditions in Gloucestershire.

Please see our ‘frequently asked questions’ for more information.

As part of our purpose to act as an agent of social change, Barnwood Trust’s ‘Grants for Individuals’ programme will continue to:

  • Focus on increasing enjoyment and enrichment opportunities for disabled people and people with mental health conditions.
  • Support disabled people and people with mental health conditions with essential household items.


Individual grant applications are made through our Community Partners – who consist of local charities, voluntary organisations and housing associations within Gloucestershire. Our Community Partners have been approved by the Trust, and they will:

  • Discuss your situation and explore ways they can help.
  • Complete an online application on your behalf and follow through on its outcome.
  • Keep in touch with our Individual Grants Team to help support your application.


Here are a range of links, which may help if you require any additional support:

  • Citizens Advice offer free, confidential and impartial advice on a range of issues.
  • The Turn2Us Grant Search can help you to find funds based on your circumstances or experience.
  • StepChange can give free debt advice and help with budgeting.
  • The Lightning Application Portal is a secure online portal which allows you to find and apply for support from multiple providers, quickly and easily.


Alternatively, you can visit Barnwood Trust – Other Support Available for more details of other support options available.