Barnwood workshop: Connecting people to opportunities and wellbeing – the Welcoming Way

Join the team at Barnwood Trust for an interactive workshop* exploring a distinctive approach for working alongside people in a strength-based way – what can we do to help people find out what matters to them and to have more agency in their own lives?

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Gain an understanding of the learning Barnwood has made over 5 years of developing the Welcoming Way alongside disabled people and people with mental health challenges. This person-centred, relationship-based approach can enhance statutory and voluntary service delivery. It can also help us think about how we connect as friends, neighbours and members of the community.

If you live or work alongside people who have become excluded from their community or who find it difficult to make every-day connections, and you are looking to refresh your approach in small ways that can make a big difference, this could be the workshop for you.

Learning about the Welcoming Way is also a great opportunity to add to your learning from the ‘Building stronger communities’ workshops or as an ideal follow-on from ‘Exploring vulnerability and connection’.

This workshop, offered by Barnwood Trust’s Welcomer team, will include discussion, practical exercises and reflection. There will also be lots of opportunity to connect with like-minded managers, professionals or members of the community in the group*.

In this workshop, what we explore together will include:

  • the principles of this approach and the practical applications;
  • implications for your own context;
  • benefits, challenges and solutions;
  • the use of time, technology and personal motivation; and
  • the small steps we can take to make a big difference in the way we work.

* Each of the workshops will be tailored for managers, professionals, and members of the community – further information to follow. In the meantime, if you would like to discuss your needs please contact us on for further information.

Booking for this workshop will open soon