Sally Byng

Chief Executive

Photo of Sally Byng


What am I responsible for?

I am responsible for making sure that we  achieve the overall vision, goals and strategy for Barnwood,  that the Trustees have set, and deliver the activities set out in the annual plan on time and on budget.


What brings me here?

In different ways, I have been a passionate advocate for social change related to disability all my working life – fairness, equity, opportunity and creating space for unlistened to voices to be heard have been my driving values. And I have learned that change is best made at grass roots – that’s where the opportunity to make a difference really lies.


What do I enjoy spending time doing for my own wellbeing?

Through the pandemic apps on my phone (to my astonishment!) have supported my wellbeing: WhatsApp to keep in frequent touch with family and friends, sharing things that are mutually important and entertain, and following interests and causes meaningful to me on Instagram and through podcasts. Combined, they have kept me connected. (She/her)