A row of 9 people, all with different disabilities

Add your voice

We want to hear from disabled people and people with mental health challenges about what needs to change in the county to make things better. 

With what we hear we want to help make positive change in the county. 


Membership Scheme 

We are creating a new membership scheme for disabled people and people with mental health challenges to stay connected and involved with us at Barnwood Trust. We want people to help guide and influence what we do. 

We are planning how we are going to do this right now so you can add your thoughts and ideas to help shape it.  

To find out how you can get involvedclick here. 



Want to get involved?  

We want to find out from you what would make a good scheme.  So, we are having individual and group chats to hear ideas about how our new membership scheme could work.  Things like: 

  • What would make you want to join?  
  • What could the scheme be called? 
  • How do you like to stay in touch? 
  • What makes it easier to be involved? 

When we have heard from lots of people we will decide on some starting ideas. Then we will try them out.  We hope you will want to help shape it and improve it with us too. 


Would you like to: 


To find out more, have a chat with us in the Engagement Team via our Talk to Us page 


For an easy read version of this information please click here.