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Introduction to research


The research undertaken at Barnwood Trust focuses on issues relevant to, and the experiences of, disabled people and people with mental health conditions in Gloucestershire.

Researchers in the team work closely with colleagues across the Trust so that our research findings can drive the Trust’s work to create systematic change in the county. We share our research findings widely as part of bringing about this change. A cornerstone of our approach is ensuring that taking part in the research is as accessible and inclusive as possible, as are the range of ways in which we share research findings.

Research Code of Practice

Our Research Code of Practice sets out the research principles and practices that help ensure that research carried out by Barnwood’s Insights team is of the highest possible quality, is inclusive and meets high ethical standards. We have written a Code of Practice because everyone who participates in our work has the right to be well informed about the purposes of our research and to understand the nature of their involvement in it. We also believe it is important to ensure that the ways in which we work to ethical principles and data protection regulations are transparent.

All work undertaken by Researchers at Barnwood is guided by the Research Code of Practice, which applies to the whole research process; from designing a research project to sharing our findings. To view the Research Code of Practice, please click on the image below. 

For more information about the Code of Practice please contact Kate Kent (Lead Researcher) at or on 01242 539935

For more information about the Trust’s research please contact Roz Warden (Head of Insights) at or on 01242 539935