Barnwood workshop: Animating groups to take action together – part 2

Join us at Barnwood Trust for the second of two workshops* to explore the community animation approach – how can we work alongside groups to enable the people in them to grow confidence and skills to define and achieve their own goals together?

Date: Wednesday 1st July

Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm (lunch provided)

Venue: Overton House, Overton Road, Cheltenham, GL50 3BN

Build on your confidence and skills in the animation approach, enhancing the way you encourage and equip the groups you support, or are a member of, to take action together. Community animation offers a set of techniques that can be drawn on whenever people come together, to ensure that everyone gets heard, that everybody’s experience and understanding is valued, and that people learn from each other.

This workshop is suitable for people who deliver training or workshops, organise meetings or gatherings, and for people who are members or facilitators of groups who want to create things, influence things or change things together.

Come along to this day if you would like to build on your learning from ‘Animating groups to take action together – part 1’ or if you are already familiar with community animation or group work and would like to spend more time developing your practice.

In this full day practical workshop, we aim to:

  • build your confidence and skills in using animation techniques to ensure that the experience, knowledge and energy of everybody in a group is harnessed;
  • build on your confidence and skills in responding to group dynamics;
  • find and develop your own style of animation; and
  • refine how the approach could enhance the way you support, encourage and equip groups to become more self-determining and/or self-sustaining.

* This works well as a stand-alone workshop, or as part of the series of ten workshops covering strengths-based practices presented by Barnwood Trust.

Note: Blue badge parking spaces are available on-site. Free road side parking for up to 4hrs is available nearby (there will be an opportunity to move your car in the lunch break if needed) and the St. Georges Road paying car park is within 5 minutes’ walk. Please arrive 15 Minutes before for refreshments.

This workshop has a maximum capacity of 15 attendees and places are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. If you book onto the workshop after the capacity has been reached, we’ll place you on a waiting list and let you know.

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