Our funding principles

Our funding principles align directly with those developed by IVAR, a charity which supports funders to become more open, transparent and inclusive in their funding.

We don’t waste time

We will make clear what kind of organisations and proposals we can and can’t fund, and will ensure applicant organisations pass our due diligence checks before completing a full application. This means organisations will not waste time writing a full application which may have a lower chance of success.


We ask relevant questions

We will only ask applicants for the information that we really need to inform our decision making, in line with our published process. Once funding has been awarded, our learning relationships are guided by agreed, relevant and mutually beneficial questions that both Barnwood and a funded organisation wish to answer.


We accept risk

Barnwood now offers unrestricted funding to certain organisations, which means we trust them to spend the Trust’s funding in a way that will benefit our vision. We are also open to funding new organisations and new ways of working and manage associated risks through our relationships with these organisations.


We act with urgency

We regularly review our processes and try to make sure that applying for funding from Barnwood Trust is straightforward, simple and quick. Where delays are anticipated, we communicate this to applicants and grant recipients speedily, and work with them to manage any adverse impacts.


We are open

We publish information on our funding via 360 Giving, where all our grants are recorded on a national database which is searchable and open to everyone. We work collaboratively with the organisations we fund to share best practice and learning with others in the county.


We enable flexibility

We work with funded organisations to agree the best way to evaluate the impact of their work, and we won’t ask them to collect and provide unnecessary data. We accept applications in a variety of formats, and offer appropriate support to applicants to make their application, without affecting the robustness of our decision making.


We communicate with purpose

We work with organisations to ensure they know what we need to make our decision and why we manage our funding in the way that we do. Our interactions with funded organisations have a purpose, and our relationships should be mutually beneficial.


We are proportionate

The information we ask organisations to provide, and the checks we make on their application, will be appropriate for the level of funding. The Trust will never require an applicant to commit to doing work that they have not applied to do.