Enjoy a hobby with friends and neighbours

Maybe you are already very active with friends and neighbours or maybe you are waiting to make your first move. The important thing is to think about what you love doing. Linking up with people who enjoy the same things will be easier if you have a focus to get you started. Whether you love […]


Make a community space more welcoming

Do you know of a building or outside space in your community which could be used better, for the benefit of everyone in your community? Almost any place, of any size or type, indoors or outside, can be a ‘community space’. Community spaces are simply places where people gather together to attend groups, clubs and […]


Take your talents to the next level

Sometimes a little help is all you need to push your skills and talents on. Some training or advice could make all the difference for you to realise your potential. This might be for a personal goal or for your professional development. Whether you are aspiring to volunteer, to gain employment, start a small business […]


Get active and improve your wellbeing

Getting out and about is a brilliant way to maintain your physical and mental health. Whether you love being energetic or fancy giving it a go for the first time, there are so many opportunities to get active in your area – something to suit every taste and ability.  There are more and more opportunities […]


Learn a new skill

Do you have a hobby, interest or skill which has a positive impact on your wellbeing, that you would like the opportunity to improve? A talent or hobby can be anything from knitting to photography, model-making to gardening or from hiking to deep-sea scuba diving. Learning a new skill or taking part in a hobby […]


Put on an event and invite your whole street

Local community events are a great way to bring people together where you live – making everybody feel welcome and included, and having fun at the same time. Whether it is a jumble sale, a musical event, street party or an event to raise money for a good cause – community events are an important […]


Share your experiences with others

Perhaps you have a skill or experience which could really benefit other people but you are not sure how to share it with people in your community. We believe that everyone has an experience or skill which can help others. It might be that you’re a skilled woodworker that wants to teach a group of residents […]