Amber Virdee-Michaelis

Funding Relationship Manager

Photo of Amber Virdee

What am I responsible for?

My job is to award and evaluate the impact of funding to organisations and groups in Gloucestershire. Maintaining supportive and learning relationships to contribute to the trusts grant making processes, purpose and vision.



What brings me here?

Through my combined career experience and my own wellness journey, I have been drawn to the incredible work that Barnwood Trust does in the county. Innovative working with our key beneficiary groups and the Trust’s values at the forefront of decision making, shows forward thinking and bold initiatives, which speak to me on both a professional and personal level. Having transitioned from Canada a few years ago, Barnwood has become the perfect landing spot for my career journey in the UK.



What do I enjoy spending time doing for my own wellbeing?

I enjoy creative hobbies which include anything from watercolour painting, crafting (wreath making, Christmas ornaments, decorative clay pieces, etc.) to photography. I love food (particularly PASTA) and trying out new eateries and cooking up a feast at home. I am also quite a spiritual person and enjoy yoga, meditation, crystal healing and learning to read the tarot. I dabble in a little home décor DIY/passion for interiors and have an Instagram blog page dedicated to this hobby. Anything to do with my gorgeous cat, Arya is good for my wellbeing, including countless cuddles and snuggles while watching a true crime series. (She/her)