Anna Peacock


Photo of Anna Peacock


What am I responsible for?

I work alongside disabled people and people who experience mental health challenges to connect them into our engagement activities at Barnwood.


What brings me here?

Having a design background in London helped me develop a keen interest for finding innovative solutions to improve and enhance people’s lives. It taught me the importance of taking a person-centred approach and being able to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Lived experience of disability and voluntary work made me passionate about advocacy on behalf of people facing disabling barriers. Working with adults with physical disabilities in a care setting further strengthened my desire to make a positive difference.


What do I enjoy spending time doing for my own wellbeing?

I enjoy being creative and having a new project to work on – whether it’s cooking, writing, designing, decorating or making. To relax, I like watching foreign films, eating good food with friends, swimming and long walks in the Cotswolds. (She/her)