Liam Daniels

Strategic Development Manager

Photo of Liam Daniels, chatting to colleagues


What am I responsible for?

I am the Strategic Development Manager for Gloucester. I am available to support organisations in developing community connections and other opportunities for disabled people and people with mental health challenges in the county.


What brings me here?

I feel privileged to have had the opportunities that I have had in my career. I always wanted to see the world and make a difference as I travelled. This has led to many opportunities to support communities and disadvantaged people across Africa, South East Asia and the UK. I have always sought not do a job just to earn money but to spend the best part of my energy making a difference in communities that help people live life to the fullest.


What am I working on?

I want to gain a deeper understanding of Mental health support in Gloucester. Identifying the organisations, charities and groups that cover the patch who are exhibiting qualities for collaboration and building an environment to change conditions.


What do I enjoy spending time doing for my own wellbeing?

Things that fill my tank are; walking and being outdoors (especially when its nice weather). Traveling and visiting new places, spending time with my family, Enjoying my garden and eating great food. (He/him)


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