Wey Ofenor

Engagement Coordinator

Photo of Wey Ofenor, sitting down in a chair and smilingWhat am I responsible for?

My job is to provide support for Barnwood Circle and the Trust’s engagement projects. I work with lots of different people to make sure Barnwood Circle members can be involved in ways that work for them.

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What brings me here?

I have experience in customer service, administration, health and social care, and commissioning. My professional and academic (public health) background has helped me to hone the skills and abilities that feed my passion for offering care and support to the public. Working both internally and externally to enhance the health and wellness of individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges is something I am looking forward to.


What do I enjoy spending time doing for my own wellbeing?

Exercise, dancing, and cooking are all therapeutic for me. Whether we talk on the phone or in person, I appreciate spending time with my family. Finally, I am a creative and visual person who enjoys exchanging ideas and finding innovative solutions to difficulties, which I find to be quite soothing.