Resourcing Resilient Gloucestershire Report

Research findings and recommendations to help strengthen the response of local communities in times of crisis.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been revealing of the inequalities within our societies, but has equally been a demonstration of the immense support and goodwill that is present within our communities.

The Resourcing Resilient Gloucestershire report is the latest in a series of reports undertaken by Barnwood Trust since early 2020 looking at the impact of the pandemic on disabled people, people with mental health challenges and on the VCS (voluntary and community sector) organisations working to mitigate these impacts as much as possible.

The report is based on research interviews carried out between January and March 2021, which focused on learning what has been most effective in the community response, what challenges have been experienced by organisations, and what  we can take out of this shared experience to ensure Gloucestershire communities are fully prepared for crises we may encounter in the future.

Eleven community groups and organisations accepted our invitation to participate in the research interviews to explore how they had responded to the pandemic and discuss the resilience within the county. Through these interviews, we have been able to gather learning about:

  • What contributes to resilient communities,
  • How communities can increase their resilience to future crises,
  • The ways communities are resourced – and improvements that can be made.

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